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'He aint heavy,he's my brother' painting by Hazel Soan
He aint heavy, he's my brother

'Transition' painting by Hazel Soan
(Oil on Board)

'This is my town' painting by Hazel Soan
This is my town

For many years Hazel has been passionate about the African continent. Her painting forays have taken her into Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa. Whilst on safari she paintsHazel Soan original artwork in watercolour for speed and ease of transport but creates larger works and paintings in oil and acrylic back in her studio.

The Cape Peninsula has also been an important inspiration; the fishermen at dawn on the east side, the rocks embraced by the cold Atlantic on the west side. The unique light of this peninsula surrounded by mirrors of ocean water never fails to intrigue.

The people of Africa and their association with each other feature prominently in much of her work, especially in paintings from the Cape and Malawi.
Hazel Soan artist
Hazel Soan artist
Hazel Soan artist
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